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Skip the check calls for ETA's and stop texting updates.

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Maximize Your Time With Our Online Mapping

Your time is money just like the professional drivers you support. Working across multiple ELDs or tracking apps burns precious minutes that add to hours weekly. With TDP's dispatch platform you can see all your drivers on a single web page.

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Current Locations

See all your drivers at the same time through a single pane of glass.

Live ETA's

Accurate ETA's based on known speed limits for roads will update with drivers' progress, accidents, and traffic changes.

Digital Radio

Be heard without being distracting. Walkie-talkie with drivers no matter where they are.

Weather Insights

Harness more data about storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, windspeeds, and icy road conditions to warn drivers and plan better.

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Is Independent Dispatching Legal?

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How It Works

Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

You can focus on high-value work and leave the repetitive mundane work to TDP. Whether that's trying to find a driver, get them to hear you, or figure out arrival times to book another load, we have you covered. After you create your TDP dispatch account, just send your drivers an invite. 

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The Path To Profit Is Thru Happier Drivers

Truck Navigation

Drivers get free turn-by-turn navigation for commercial vehicles at no charge. Whether they want it or not, drivers can trip plan for weather, parking, weigh stations, and more. 

Convenient Mobile App

Drivers live life out of pocket and their interaction with you is through TDP's free iOS/Android app. So you can meet them where they are.

Streamlined Communications

A single stream of communications makes paperwork, texting, and voice easy to find. No more sorting through email, SMS, nor voicemails.

What Drivers Say

I have used a lot of trucker apps. Some are great some not so much. Truck Driver Power has taken all the elements that I like from a few apps and put them into one. The navigation works great and keeps you on truck routes, it has a weather radar overlay which in my book is great for safety and there is a social network with other drivers. There are achievements you can earn along the way. Helps to pass the time. John S.
Pleasantly surprised by the options. It see can be set to show specific truck stops like loves or any you want. Provides traffic and weather updates(if you enable it) and see's scale houses. It is configurable for height and weight and can avoid toll roads if you want. It does what my Rand McNally does but better because my phone is faster. Genuinely impressed Chris T.
"Best app out there!You want to track miles? Loads? Watch your clock? Keep an eye on the weather? Parking? AND communicate with other “Real” Drivers without being swamped by “Catfishing Scammers and Scammerettes”? This is the app for you! I’ve been driving 26 years and counting. I never leave out without it!" Blackfire.58
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